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Systems of heating Fancoil™ideally will walk up to Your interior

due to a designer decision and individual going near each other

to the client

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High quality of heating devices Fancoil™ -guarantee long and

effective work that you will be satisfied.

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With the noiseless systems of ventilation Fancoil™

You will feel simply comfortably.

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Products Fancoil™corresponds to the highest standards of quality and
answers the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008)

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Convector device

- it is a heating convector device that by means of coolant-moderator heats an apartment. It takes place by means of convection - process at that blasts are constantly replaced, the heated goes up, and his place occupies cold.

The production of convector device is warm determined by the temperature of coolant-moderator, measuring heat-exchanger and by the type of convection. Also into the flooring convector device are to the natural and force convection. Natural convection - motion of air takes place under act of laws of physics - cold air goes down in convector device there heated and already warm air goes up. Such type of convector device is cheaper, simple in editing, but heat output for them not very high and in most cases used as additional heating. Force convection - in this case in convetor device is tangential fan (ventilator) that force drives away cold air through a heat-exchanger and warm air blows upwards. Such convetor device more expensive, require the gasket of electric communications to convetor device and setting of the managing module. However such convetor device considerably more effective and can heat large areas at less sizes.

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Special offers

Poland company Fancoil always cares of the clients. Therefore, except the standard of our products, we envisaged many variants of unusual orders that can to you may need.

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There is a great number of variants of non-standard models,what to make happy any desire of customer, similarly for us a model row is presented special convector device, with not standard decisions

Additional equipment

Equipment recommendable a company Fancoil


Ukrainian company Fancoil™ produces convector device of aquatic hot-water heating of very tall quality, that it is confirmed by numerous rewards and certificates of accordance, that answers the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001 : 2009 (ISO 9001 : 2008)

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A company Fancoil looked after that you could use our products long and with pleasure. For this purpose we created the first and only in Ukraine service center Fancoil - Service, that will release you from a necessity to search master in case of some problems with the equipment of not only our trade mark but also other producers.

In services of our certificated service center Fancoil - Service enter:
  • Warranty service
  • Service
  • Editing of heating equipment
  • Repair and replacement of heating equipment
If you had some problems, ring in FanCOil - Service and our specialists you necessarily will be helped.

To buy convector device

To purchase the products of Fancoil™ it is possible through the network of own shops of producer

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Delivery and payment

Taking away an order is possible through delivery service "New mail", preliminary paying a bill any comfortable for you method.

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